I have code like

startTime = DateString[];
endTime = DateString[];
timeElapsed = 
  DateDifference[startTime, endTime, {"Hour", "Minute", "Second"}];

Then ToString[timeElapsed, OutputForm] prints something like

0 hours 0 minutes 4. seconds

I would like to re-format this as

0h 0m 4.s

So I tried

ToString[timeElapsed, OutputForm] /. {" hours" -> "h", " minutes" -> "m"}

but this just gives back the same output as if I had made no replacements.

How can I make this string replacement?


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Use may use either QuantityForm or StringReplace.

startTime = Now;
endTime = DatePlus[startTime, {4, "Seconds"}];
timeElapsed = DateDifference[startTime, endTime, {"Hour", "Minute", "Second"}];


ToString@QuantityForm[timeElapsed, "Abbreviation"]
0 h 0 min 4. s


StringReplace[{" hours" -> "h", " minutes" -> "m", " seconds" -> "s"}]@ToString[timeElapsed]
0h 0m 4.s

Hope this helps


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