How do I let mathematica compute a tensor contraction like


with an output



I tried TensorContract and TensorReduce but they were not helpful.

Thanks for your help!


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A straightforward way to implement Kronecker Delta is as follows:

SetAttributes[\[Delta], Orderless];
\[Delta][a_, b_] f_[c___, b_, d__] ^:= f[c, a, d] /; ! NumericQ[b];
\[Delta][a_, a_] := dim /; ! NumericQ[a];
\[Delta][a_, b_] := Boole[a == b] /; NumericQ[a] && NumericQ[b];
Format[\[Delta][a_, b_]] := Subscript[\[Delta], a, b];

where dim is the dimension of the vector space. We see that it satisfies required conditions:

In[1]:= {\[Delta][a, b] \[Delta][b, d], \[Delta][a, b] f[b, c], \[Delta][a, b] == \[Delta][b, a], \[Delta][1, 2], \[Delta][1, 1], \[Delta][a, a]}
Out[1]:= {Subscript[\[Delta], a, d], f[a, c], True, 0, 1,dim}

In other words, for the input

$\left\{\delta _{a,b} \delta _{b,d},\delta _{a,b} f(b,c),\delta _{a,b}=\delta _{b,a},\delta _{1,2},\delta _{1,1},\delta _{a,a}\right\}$

we get the expected output:

$\left\{\delta _{a,d},f(a,c),\text{True},0,1,dim\right\}$


Try this:

    Subscript[δ, i_, j_] := KroneckerDelta[i, j];
    ruleDelta = 
      KroneckerDelta[1, i_] KroneckerDelta[1, k_] + 
  KroneckerDelta[2, i_] KroneckerDelta[2, k_] + 
  KroneckerDelta[3, i_] KroneckerDelta[3, 
    k_] -> Subscript[δ, i, k]

On your screen it looks as follows:

enter image description here


Sum[Subscript[δ, i, j]*Subscript[δ, j, k], {j, 1,3}] /. ruleDelta

(* KroneckerDelta[i, k] *)

Looking as

enter image description here

on the screen.

Have fun!

  • $\begingroup$ Thanks! This is useful. However, it does not work if these $\delta$s are multiplied with something else, even with a constant. Is there anything more general available? $\endgroup$
    – Hamurabi
    Commented Feb 26, 2020 at 14:39
  • $\begingroup$ Well, as usually, you may write the rule a bit differently: ruleDelta = a__*KroneckerDelta[1, i_] KroneckerDelta[1, k_] -> a*(Subscript[\[Delta], i, k] - KroneckerDelta[2, i] KroneckerDelta[2, k] - KroneckerDelta[3, i] KroneckerDelta[3, k]) then Sum[b*Subscript[\[Delta], i, j]*Subscript[\[Delta], j, k], {j, 1, 3}] /. ruleDelta // Simplify yields what you expect. $\endgroup$ Commented Feb 26, 2020 at 16:01

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