Suppose that I have a list of depth $k$, and I want to apply a function $f$ to all elements at level $n$ - e.g. $f,\{\{\{a,b\},\{b,c\}\},\{\{c,d\}\}\},3\mapsto\{\{\{f(a),f(b)\},\{f(b),f(c)\}\},\{\{f(c),f(d)\}\}\}$.

Presumably this can be done with some combination of the built-ins Map, Level, Apply, and Depth, but I can't seem to get it to work. Is there a way to define a function Function[<f>,<list>,<levelspec>] which applies a function only to terms at a certain depth in a list of lists?


Use {n} as the level spec to apply the function only to elements at level n. If you use n as the level spec, the function is applied to elements at levels 1 thru n.

lst = {{{a, b}, {b, c}}, {{c, d}}}

Map[f, lst, {3}]

{{{f[a], f[b]}, {f[b], f[c]}}, {{f[c], f[d]}}}

Map >> Details and Options:

enter image description here

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