I have an expression that I think should be simplified to zero but Mathematica gives me a weird result. I have

Simplify[-2*Sqrt[2*a] + Sqrt[(2^3)*a]]

The result given by mathematica is

-2 Sqrt[2] (-1 + ) Sqrt[a]

When I copied the above line of code from my notebook and pasted it here, the term appearing as (-1 + ) looked like (-1 + \.08). Is this of any help to solve the issue?

I'd simply like Mathematica to simplify my expression in a smart way.

EDIT: FullSimplify returns the same output


Apparently your input cell contains extraneous characters (you could try FullForm on your input to see where the \.08 comes from). Retype your equation from scratch (do not copy/paste) in a new cell and execute. It should work.


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