If I input:

g = {"CompleteBipartite", {2, 3}}; 
{GraphData[g, "LabeledImage"], GraphData[g, "EdgeList"]}

then I can see a graph with its vertices labeled. I want to see the edges labeled.


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You can use the property "LabeledGraph" and wrap the output with Graph and add the desired options:

Graph[GraphData[{"CompleteBipartite", {2, 3}}, "LabeledGraph"], 
 EdgeLabels -> Placed[Automatic, .7]]

enter image description here

Note: The property "LabeledGraph" is not listed in GraphData["Properties"]:

MemberQ[GraphData["Properties"], "LabeledGraph"]



You are probably better off controlling the output Graph object directly. Note how to place labels so they do not overlap with Placed. Read up on docs.

    GraphData[{"CompleteBipartite", {2, 3}}],

enter image description here


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