So i want to make a simple animation and an error occurs that "Coordinate should be a pair of numbers, or a scaled or offset form". Here's the code:

S1i[t_, V1i_] := t*V1i;   
V1i = 5;
y = 3;
xy = {S1i[t], y[t] == 3};
traj1 = Table[xy, {t, 0, 10, 0.1}];
   {Black, Thick, Circle[xy /. {t -> ti}, 20]}],
  AspectRatio -> Automatic], {ti, 0, 10}]

And when i tried to Plot the table traj1 i just get a blank graph.

Also, how could i make another circle to go towards this one in the same graph, but different properties:S2i[t_, V2i_] := t*V2i;until they collide?

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    $\begingroup$ Define xy as a function: xy[t_]:={S1i[t, V1i], y}, then use this in Circle: Circle[xy[ti], 2]. See if this helps. You can add another cirle with different color and appropriate initial coordinates, then you need to find t when they collide and put this value as final value for ti in Manipulation. $\endgroup$ – Alx Feb 7 at 15:17