I am creating a line plot (pl1) with a specifically placed PlotLabel and then I show both pl1 and pl2 (pl2 is a contour plot). The PlotLabel from pl1 appears with a white highlighted box behind it. How do I remove this?

This is my code and a

pl1 = Plot[(10^15)/x, {x, 10^(-7), 10^(-3)}, 
  ScalingFunctions -> {"Log10", "Log10"},
  PlotStyle -> {Thick, White}, 
  PlotLabels -> Placed["Curve", {2*10^-5, 0.4*10^21}], 
  LabelStyle -> Directive[White]];
pl2 = ContourPlot[
  1/(a^(2/3)*b^2), {a, 10^(-3), 10^(-7)}, {b, 10^8, 10^23}, 
  ScalingFunctions -> {"Log10", "Log10", "Log10"}];
Show[pl2, pl1]

And here is the plot

enter image description here

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    $\begingroup$ this seems to be version related issue. The issue does not arise in version 11.3 (windows 10-64). I get the picture as yours in version 12.0 (wolfram cloud). $\endgroup$ – kglr Feb 6 at 23:44

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