Say, I have a triangulation of an octagon:




enter image description here

Now, each diagonal in that triangulation is a diagonal of some quadrilateral. What I want to do is, when I click on one of the diagonals, it gets flipped to another diagonal of the quadrilateral in which it was inscribed initially. I have only managed to do this partially. I can flip a diagonal back and forth, using this code:

FlipDiagonal[T_List,D_List]:=Module[{TriangulationAsGraph=Graph[#]& @ T/. List -> UndirectedEdge},
 Complement[Flatten@Select[FindKClique[TriangulationAsGraph, 1 ,  Infinity, All],SubsetQ[#,D] &],D]]

Flip[L_Line, T_List,n_Integer]:=Module[{line,vpair, flip,  pts = CirclePoints[n]}, 
    line = First@L /. Line -> List ; 
     vpair =  Flatten[Position[pts,#]& /@ line] ;
      flip = FlipDiagonal[T,vpair]; 



But what I want to achieve is to be able to flip any diagonal sequentially. So I flip one diagonal, get a new triangulation, then I can flip any diagonal in that new triangulation, which will give me a new triangulation again (as long as I don't flip the same diagonal twice), etc., etc. Could someone help please?


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