MapAt[f, {{a, b, {c, d}}, {d, {e, g, {c, d}}}}, 1]

How to operate to get such a result:

{{f[a], f[b], {f[c], f[d]}}, {f[d], {f[e], f[g], {f[c], f[d]}}}}

One can also temporarily apply a Listable function with

Function[x, f[x], Listable][list]

Listability works differently than mapping to level {-1} when the elements of the list have parts:

Function[x, f[x], Listable][{b, {e, g, {c, a + Exp[d]}}}]
(*  {f[b], {f[e], f[g], {f[c], f[a + E^d]}}}  *)

Map[f, {b, {e, g, {c, a + Exp[d]}}}, {-1}]
(*  {f[b], {f[e], f[g], {f[c], f[a] + f[E]^f[d]}}}  *)
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you can also give the attribute Listable to your function

SetAttributes[f, Listable]

and then simply write

f@{{a, b, {c, d}}, {d, {e, g, {c, d}}}}
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