I am using Mathematica's NetTrain[] function for training neural nets. There is a way to set the learning rate (LearningRate and LearningRateMultiplier options) but I want a decreasing learning rate or changes based on development of the loss.

Current call for transfer learning with fixed learning rate:

  preTrainedNet, trainData, All, 
  ValidationSet -> valData, MaxTrainingRounds -> epochs, TargetDevice -> "GPU", 
  LearningRateMultipliers -> {
      "classifier" -> lr, 
      {"base", 1, "conv_conv2d"} -> lr, 
      {"base", 1, "conv_relu"} -> lr, 
       _ -> 0},
  BatchSize -> 8,
  TrainingProgressCheckpointing -> 
    {"Directory", "C:\\DataSets\\RZ-DL-Aug-Pre", "Interval" -> Quantity[10, "Rounds"]}

How can I implement what I need?


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Maybe the suboption "LearningRateSchedule" of the option Method helps? See the doc page of NetTrain > Options > Method. But I have to admit that the documentation is quite vague about the meaning of the function that can be fed to "LearningRateSchedule".


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