I've upgraded Matehmatica to version 12.0 and Ace to version 7.006. I'm surprised that now calculations last much longer than using older version of Ace 6.804. For example using build-in example:

AceGen -> Help -> AceFEM manual -> AceFEM examples -> Cyclic tension test, advanced post-processing, animations

I have following Total absolute times:

Ace 7.006: 122. 9 s

Ace 6.804: 14.3 s

Can anyone explain the reason? Obviously, the calculations are performed using the same computer and software, the only difference is version of Ace. Now I'm not able to calculate anything advanced, it gets stuck at first step.

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    $\begingroup$ I don't have access to much older versions of AceFEM to compare timings but according to my experience the latest version 7.006 is not slower that the previous versions. Bear in mind that in the documentation example you are using, majority of time gets spent in writing results to files (and log) or rendering visualizations and not in assembling FE matrices and solving the linear system. I suggest you take another look in results of SMTSimulationReport[] for this example. $\endgroup$ – Pinti Jan 10 at 7:18

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