I recently found that the CleanSlate package allows you to free memory without restarting the Wolfram kernel. The CleanSlate package includes the ClearInOut, which resets the $Line to 1. However, I wonder if there's a way to clear a specific In/Out pair without deleting every other cell preceding the current one. Is there such a way?

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    $\begingroup$ Can you not just delete the variable using ?Clear or ?ClearAll to free up memory? $\endgroup$ – CasperYC Jan 6 '20 at 3:45

Maybe something like this?

Unprotect /@ {In, Out};
In[1] =.; Out[1] =.;
Protect /@ {In, Out};
DownValues /@ {In, Out}
  {HoldPattern[In[2]] :> (Unprotect /@ {In, Out}; ), 
   HoldPattern[In[3]] :> (In[1] =. ; Out[1] =. ; ), 
   HoldPattern[In[4]] :> (Protect /@ {In, Out}; ), 
   HoldPattern[In[5]] :> DownValues /@ {In, Out}
  {HoldPattern[Out[2]] :> {{"In"}, {"Out"}}, 
   HoldPattern[Out[3]] :> Null, 
   HoldPattern[Out[4]] :> {{"In"}, {"Out"}}

The key part being Unset to only deal with specific Ins and Outs.


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