Trying to start using undocumented package MQTTLink to interact with local mosquitto server. First of all I played with toy example pulled from this link:


imAclientForExternal = CreateClient[];

ConnectClient[imAclientForExternal, "localhost:1883"];

TopicSubscribe[imAclientForExternal, "wolframTest", 
  "MessageReceivedFunction" :> (Print[
      ByteArrayToString[#3["Data"]]] &)];

  "wolframTest" -> "my personal message"];

TopicUnsubscribe[imAclientForExternal, "wolframTest"]

Publishing works fine but subscribing doesn't work at all. Nothing happens if a message is published in topic "wolframTest". Official util mosquitto_sub receives the test messages correctly.

MQTTLink is what I looked for for my purposes and subscribing should works unhesitatingly. Could you please help me with this example?


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