I want to find the derivative of a function with 20 variables and arrange it in a 20 by 1 vector.

Si[a,b,c,d,.....20 variables] is a function. Is there a simple command to find the first derivative of each variable and arrange it in a 20 by 1 vector as follows


Similarly, I want to find the second derivative and arrange it in a 20 by 20 matrix as follows

{{D[D[Si, a], a], D[D[Si, a], b], ... .. D[D[Si, a], t]}, {D[D[Si, b], a],D[D[Si, b], b], ... .. D[D[Si, b], t]}, ... ... ...., {D[D[Si, t], D[D[Si, t], b], ....D[D[Si, t], t]}}
args = Array[x, 20];
D[f @@ args, {args, 1}]
D[f @@ args, {args, 2}]
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    $\begingroup$ +1 More generally, for any non-negative integer m: D[f @@ args, {args, m}] == Nest[D[#, {args}] &, f @@ args, m] $\endgroup$ – Bob Hanlon Dec 11 '19 at 15:56

first ,let's creat a funtion

si = Si @@ (ToExpression /@ Alphabet[])

then you just need this

Defer@D[si, #] & /@ (ToExpression /@ Alphabet[])

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