Suppose I have a Graphics3D object named objanim that is a function of some variable t. I can export this animation to a sequence of still PNG files like this:

For[i = 0, i < frames, i++, 
 Export["Out" <> ToString[i] <> ".png", 

However, suppose I don't want to rasterize the whole thing and I'd rather have the actual 3D model itself with its animation baked into it (such as a .fbx file). Is it possible to export this 3Dgraphics object as a 3D model with its animation (dependent on the parameter t) baked into it somehow? I know it is possible to export the 3D object as a static mesh, but I'm am specifically interested in being able to preserve the animation data in a form that is recognizable by most other 3D programs (C4D, Blender, Unreal Engine, etc.). It doesn't have to be .fbx, as that was just my initial thought.


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