I have a list of elements and a large expression in these elements. I would like to count the occurrences of each of the list elements in the expression. Say, the list is {a1,a2,a3,...,an} and the expression is 2a1 - 3a2^2*a5 - 7x^2 a4 + 3a1*a4 + ... so the output would be something like


I have tried to use Count and Select, but am not getting the required results. Any help is appreciated.

expr = 2 a1 - 3 a2^2*a5 - 7 x^2 a4 + 3 a1*a4;
lst = {a1, a2, a3, a4}; 

Transpose[{lst, Lookup[Counts[Level[expr, {-1}]], lst, 0]}]

{{a1, 2}, {a2, 1}, {a3, 0}, {a4, 2}}


Transpose[{lst, Count[Level[expr, {-1}], #] & /@ lst}]

{{a1, 2}, {a2, 1}, {a3, 0}, {a4, 2}}

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