text = "Some string..";
CloudExport[text, "Text", Permissions -> "Public"]

we can upload raw strings to the Wolfram Cloud; however, it's not very rich when it comes to formatting.

Is it possible to upload text to Wolfram Cloud that is parsed (with syntax highlighting, bold, italics, quotes, etc) in formats like:

  • Markdown
  • Org-Mode
  • Shell/Bash code
  • ...



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There's probably a JS library about anything you want so you need to find one and either pre parse the string (WebExectute?) or deploy a template page that will hold your original content and parse it later.

Here is a small example based on https://github.com/markedjs/marked

$mdHtmlTemplate = StringTemplate@"<!doctype html>
     <meta charset=\"utf-8\"/>
     <title>Marked in the browser</title>
     <div id=\"content\"></div>
     <script \
       document.getElementById('content').innerHTML = marked(``);

md = "'# Marked in the browser\\n\\nRendered by **marked**.'";

  ExportForm[$mdHtmlTemplate @ md, "HTML"],

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