Suppose I have a list of functions:

functions = {f, g, h, ...}

And all of those functions are in form of f[x_ , y_]. For example:

f[x_, y_] = x + y;
g[x_, y_] = x^3 + y^2 + 2x;
(*Pass x and y for eval?*)
functions[2, 3] (*- Does not work :( *)
Print[MatrixForm[functions[2,3]]] (*The expected result would be a vector
of calculated function values...*)

Is there any easy way to pass arguments to the list of functions, so that they all will be evaluated?

f[x_, y_] = x + y;
g[x_, y_] = x^3 + y^2 + 2 x;
functions = {f, g};

Using Map

#[x, y] & /@ functions

(* {x + y, 2 x + x^3 + y^2} *)

Using Through

Through[functions[x, y]] *)

(* {x + y, 2 x + x^3 + y^2}

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