I have created some meta expressions for many derivative calculations such as

Derivative[0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0][Subscript[h, 1]][
  Subscript[θ, 1], Subscript[θ, 2], 
  Subscript[θ, 3], Subscript[θ, 4], 
  Subscript[θ, 5], Subscript[θ, 6], 
     Subscript[θ, 7]] 

I've used this to document and validate calculations. Ideally I'd like to 'evaluate' this validated meta code by automating the substitution of actual calculations.

Is it possible to replace or evaluate this so that, in this case: The first derivative of another function wrt to the second parameter in a list replaces this expression.


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