What pattern should i give to the following expression

("146d0" A + "-594d0" B)

so i would get

("146d0" A - "594d0" B)
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    $\begingroup$ Before we get into XY problem solving, what are you trying to achieve? $\endgroup$ – Roman Nov 21 at 20:58
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    $\begingroup$ What's the point of this question and answer? It makes no sense. $\endgroup$ – user6014 Nov 21 at 21:39
("146d0" A + "-594d0" B) /. s_String?(StringStartsQ["-"]) :> -StringDrop[s, 1]

(*    "146d0" A - "594d0" B    *)

This pattern seems to be working

("146d0" A + "-594d0" B) //. 
   B_] :> -StringDelete[ToString[-ToExpression[A]], " "] B /; 

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