I find font size of Text cells too small and I like displaying them with background colour... I've read this question and learned about Menu/Format/Option Inspector... where I managed to change font size, but it affects all cells.

I would like to change separately Text, Input and Output formatting and to save these settings as default for displaying any notebooks. So, when I next time select a cell, then go to Menu/Format/Style and choose Text or Input or Output; it applies my default formatting for Text, Input, Output or anything else.

Is this supported with Option Inspector or some other tool?

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    $\begingroup$ Default settings for font sizes and appearance in cells are due to the default stylesheet. If you want to depart from default settings regularly, without manually setting these parameters with the options inspector, then you will have to make a new stylesheet and use that with your notebooks. There are many stylesheet related answers here that cover how to do this. $\endgroup$ – Mike Honeychurch Mar 8 '13 at 21:46

I did not like small font size in Notebook and solved this by the following:

Open "Option Inspector" Search for "DefaultNewCellStyle" option in "Global Preferences" Set it to something like "{"Input", FontFamily -> "Ubuntu Mono", FontSize -> 16}" (Change fontFamily to a font you do have installed)

Now enjoying lager font by default in Input cells. Hope this will somehow help you.



In the Option Inspector Choose from:

enter image description here

Then configure your settings.

enter image description here

Setting them globally sounds like want you want.

You can also use and modify various Stylesheets. Access then from the Format menu


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