So I have a data set for chess and our goal is to plot the difference between the rating difference versus white's win rate. I want to subdivide the x-axis into intervals like (-10, 0) (10,20) (20,30) and read the data in the intervals and get the percent of white's win rate over that inverval. Our goal is to plot sort of like a step function for each of the intervals and eventually create a linear regression with the values of each interval.

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You can use WeightedData and Histogram as follows:

First some fake win/loss and rating difference data:

whiteWinLoss = RandomInteger[1, 200];
ratingdiff = Subtract @@ RandomInteger[100, {2, 200}];

(1) Construct a WeightedData object using whiteWinLoss as weights

wd = WeightedData[ratingdiff, whiteWinLoss];

(2) Use Histogram with bin width 10 and height spec "Probability":

Histogram[wd, {10}, "Probability"]

enter image description here

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