I would like to generate a lower triangular matrix that has checkmarks in the non-zero entries. The way that I created this matrix is the following

test1[x_] := ConstantArray["\[Checkmark]", x]
matrix1[x_] := 
 LowerTriangularize[ArrayReshape[test1[x], {x, x}, "\[Checkmark]"]]

Now, I wanted to have a different colour for the first column. This I did in the following way:

 element = Grid[matrix1[13], Background -> {{Pink}, None}]

I can also put a colour in the second column in the following way:

element2 = Grid[matrix1[13], Background -> {{Pink, Pink}, None}]

I have two questions:

  1. How can I put a different value for the zero entries? Example, instead of zero I would like to have an "x". I imagine that this can be done with an If command (?) or a With but I cannot work around it.

  2. How can I put colour in the non-zero elements of the second column?


For 1.

matrix1[13] /. 0 -> "x"

For 2.

colors = Table[{i, 2} -> If[matrix1[13][[i, 2]] == "\[Checkmark]", Pink, None], {i, 13}];
Grid[matrix1[13] /. 0 -> "x", Background -> {None, None, Flatten@colors}]

enter image description here


You can use Array or SparseArray to define a function that generates an array with desired dimensions and desired entries below and above the main diagonal:

mf1[dims_, a_, b_: 0] := Array[If[# >= #2, a, b] &, dims];

mf1[{13, 13}, "✓", "x"] // Grid

enter image description here

mf2[dims_, a_, b_: 0] := SparseArray[{i_, j_} /; i >= j -> a, dims, b]

mf2[{13, 13}, "✓", "x"] // Grid

same picture

To style selected cells you can use MapAt:

Grid @ MapAt[Item[#, Background -> Pink] &,  mf1[{13, 13}, "✓", "x"], {2 ;;, 2}]

enter image description here

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