I am building a package documentation with eclipse workbench. I have used the Mathematica code in the following link Workbench (Eclipse version) HTML Documentation Build HTML issues to fix some problems with the HTML files built. But there is still a problem with the links corresponding to the symbols in each page. I obtained for example the following code:

> <p class="singleFunction"><a name="1463276848"></a><span
> class="IFSans"><a href="FIXME">ttr</a></span> <span
> class="dash">&mdash;</span> Triple point temperature</p>

So there is systematically a "FIXME" in href instead of the correct path. How I can fix this with a program instead of doeing it manually in each file?

There is also some more problems: for example all the Mathematica codes in the sub-menu Options does not appear in the HTML version?

Thank you



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