Is it possible to add a new option here and bind an evaluator?

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Is it possible to take SageMath, Matlab, Maple, etc. as examples to provide a complete process demonstration?

  • $\begingroup$ Add it to the stylesheet so that it goes with CurrentValue[EvaluationNotebook[], {StyleDefinitions, "ExternalLanguage", CellFrameLabels}]. It seems the menu there changes a CellEvaluationLanguage option. $\endgroup$
    – b3m2a1
    Oct 17, 2019 at 4:20

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It was just an attempt to add a ExternalCell, and did not successfully create an evaluator bind.

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  1. First create a new package called ExternalEvaluate_*, only this form can be recognized by External Evaluator Manager.

  2. Then add cell icon and set "ShowInFrontendCellQ" as True.

  3. Then run the ExternalEvaluate`RegisterSystem.

        "ExecutablePathFunction" -> Function[{vers}, unimplement[]],
        "ExecutablePatternFunction" -> Function[{vers}, unimplement[]],
        "ProgramFileFunction" -> Function[{version}, PacletManager`PacletResource["ExternalEvaluate_SageMath", "REPL"]],
        "ScriptExecCommandFunction" -> Function[{uuid, exec, file, opts}, unimplement[]],

        "Icon" -> Import[PacletManager`PacletResource["ExternalEvaluate_SageMath", "Icon"]],
        "IconCell" -> ToBoxes@Import[PacletManager`PacletResource["ExternalEvaluate_SageMath", "IconCell"]],
        "ShowInFrontendCellQ" -> True,

        "VersionExecCommandFunction" -> Function[{exec}, unimplement[]],
        "PacletName" -> Automatic,
        "SessionProlog" -> None,

        "DeserializationFunction" -> BinaryDeserialize,
        "SerializationFunction" -> BinarySerialize

Then a new kind of External Cell is available.

But it needs to bind executable program, still have no idea.


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