I have a number of public notebooks with addresses like

Is there a way to setup sharing of the whole directory?

Right now it gives enter image description here


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We don't have a way to set up an automatic index page yet. But if there is a cloud object index.html or index.nb in the directory, it will be served as the index page for the directory (as long as the viewer has permission to that object). This could be a static page (including a notebook), or it could be generated dynamically.

E.g. the following code deploys a Delayed object that serves a simple (HTML) index page for the cloud directory testdir:

getItem[CloudObject[url_, ___]] := 
   "li", {}, {XMLElement["a", {"href" -> url}, {FileNameTake[url]}]}],

getIndexPage[obj_CloudObject] := 
  "<html><head><title>Directory Index</title></head><body><ul>", 
  getItem /@ CloudObjects[obj], "</ul></body></html>"]

     CloudObjectNameFormat -> "CloudUserUUID"]]], "HTML"], 

Note the use of CloudObjectNameFormat so that the $EvaluationCloudObject is considered in its named form, making sure that ParentDirectory does the right thing.

Use the option Permissions->"Public" (or CloudPublish instead of CloudDeploy) if you want to make the index page public.

In the future, we'll make this configurable using a CloudObject option on the directory itself. Perhaps it will be something like DirectoryIndexObject, where the default Automatic would look for index.html or index.nb as it does now, and would serve an automatically generated index page if they don't exist – as long as the requester has Read permission on the directory.


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