Unfortunately i have so many Connections About 20,000 in Linkedin, so i need to delete them all in multiple way, but Linkedin allow one by one.

i searched there's a way in Internet, but all of them fail and one slow with me on MacOs Google Chrome.

Soo Slow https://medium.com/linked-helper/bulk-connections-remover-for-linkedin-ef9668f4c374

Fail http://gander.solutions/delete-multiple-connections-in-linkedin

Fail https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-remove-many-LinkedIn-connections-at-once

Unfortunately all of them FAIL!!!

Can anyone edit or provide excitable running code please!

Sorry i don't understand in these things much, but i do Mathematica much, and Java little.

I Tried using Mathematica Script for this 2nd post by Kiron


but i don't know how to use it!!!

Also, i tried using Keyboard Meastro, but i never know how to use it!

enter image description here


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