I have a list of consisting of strings and string representation of numbers:

lis = {{"a (b) 1","c 2"},{"d 3","e f 4"}}

and need to split the elements so that the string representation of numbers are separated as follow:

res = {{{"a (b)","1"},{"c","2"}},{{"d","3"},{"e f","4"}}}

Am not sure how to come up with the necessary pattern for StringSplit Thanks for ideas.

StringSplit[#, WhitespaceCharacter... ~~ n : NumberString :> n] & /@ lis

{{{"a (b)", "1"}, {"c", "2"}}, {{"d", "3"}, {"e f", "4"}}}

  • $\begingroup$ that was fast! thank you. $\endgroup$
    – Suite401
    Sep 21 '19 at 2:18

Here's an equivalent to kglr's solution, using replacement and regex:

{{"a (b) 1", "c 2"}, {"d 3", "e f 4"}} /. 
s_String :> StringCases[s, RegularExpression["(.+) (\\d)$"] :> Sequence["$1", "$2"]]
   {{{"a (b)", "1"}, {"c", "2"}}, {{"d", "3"}, {"e f", "4"}}}

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