I have the following function:

magicFunction[ lst_, val_ ] := Fold[ ((#2 < val) && #1) &, True, lst ]

It works

Out[]= True

I want to Map the function. To do it I use Thread.

If I use Thread for a noname function with the list I want to map, the following is produced:

In[]:= Thread[f[{{6,7},{2,3},{1,2}},{9, 10,5}]]
Out[]= {f[{6,7},9],f[{2,3},10],f[{1,2},5]}

That is exactly what I want to do.

However, when I use magicFunction that is not what I get. If I use magicFunction I should get the following:

Out[]:= {magicFunction[{6,7},9],magicFunction[{2,3},10],magicFunction[{1,2},5]}

which then evaluates to:

Out[]:= {True, True, True}

However what I get is the following:

In[]:= Thread[magicFunction[{{6,7},{2,3},{1,2}},{9, 10,5}]]

Out[]:= {1,2}<{9,10,5}&&{2,3}<{9,10,5}&&{6,7}<{9,10,5}

Does anybody know what I m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!


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Your issue is that magicFunction evaluated before Thread could do anything. One idea to avoid this is to use Unevaluated:

Thread[Unevaluated @ magicFunction[{{6,7},{2,3},{1,2}},{9,10,5}]]

{True, True, True}

Another idea is to add an argument restriction to your magicFunction. Since Less only makes sense for numeric quantities, you can use:

magicFunction[lst_, val_?NumericQ] := Fold[((#2<val)&&#1)&,True,lst]



{True, True, True}


You can use MapThread:

MapThread[magicFunction, {{{6, 7}, {2, 3}, {1, 2}}, {9, 10, 5}}]

{True, True, True}


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