It is helpful(necessary)to read the following before proceed:

view is not fixed completely regardless of vewpoint

I found that, if a graphic code is surrounded by { }, the output becomes as if the code contain 'PreserveImageOptions->False'.

In detail, I think the four codes are practically identical.

1. {Graphics3D[Cuboid[], ViewPoint -> {1,1,1}]}

2. {Graphics3D[Cuboid[], ViewPoint -> {1,1,1}, PreserveImageOptions -> True]}

3. {Graphics3D[Cuboid[], ViewPoint -> {1,1,1}, PreserveImageOptions -> False]}

4. {Graphics3D[Cuboid[], ViewPoint -> {1,1,1}, PreserveImageOptions -> Automatic]}

And 'the output of above four codes'

is equal to

'the output of the following code with surrounding { }'

Graphics3D[Cuboid[], ViewPoint -> {1,1,1}, PreserveImageOptions -> False]


1) Am I thinking correctly?

2) Why previous image options are all ignored, when a graphic is in the curly bracket?

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    $\begingroup$ I do know that Mathematica has special rules for displaying images and graphics in List and Grid. For example, the automatic image size is adjusted for graphics in lists and grids. I don't know about how PreserveImageOptions and view point specifications are supposed to interact with these structures, though. $\endgroup$ Aug 28 '19 at 13:45

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