Generated equations using this:

    phi3 = Table[{Sin[beta[[n, 1]]*x/len] - Sinh[beta[[n, 1]]*x/len] - (Sin[beta[[n, 1]]] + Sinh[beta[[n, 1]]])/(Cos[beta[[n, 1]]] +  Cosh[beta[[n, 1]]]))*(Cos[beta[[n, 1]]*x/len] - Cosh[beta[[n, 1]]*x/len])}, {n, 6}]

And then the plots:

    Plot[phi3, {x, 0, len}, PlotLegends -> "Expressions"]

I obtained the incorrect plot for the first entry and the following error message.

Normalize::nlnmt2 The first argument is not a number or a vector, or the second argument is not a norm function that always returns a non-negative real number for any numeric argument.

Can someone explain the error and suggest a correction? What I fail to understand is why is the error seen only in the first plot and not the following 5 plots being plotted.

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    $\begingroup$ May be an unrelated paste error, but if you scrape-n-paste your first assignment from this page into a new fresh notebook you should see a extra red ) in the middle of that. And that means there are red [{ on the left end and } and ] on the right end. Eliminate the red ) in the middle and the rest disappear. Next, in your code you have probably already assigned values to the matrix beta and x and len and I made up beta=Table[i,{i,6},{1}];len=4;x=2.; and ran the code. I get no such errors. Can you try this in a fresh new notebook and see if your error remains? $\endgroup$ – Bill Aug 25 '19 at 15:03

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