I'm trying to set an attribute that's valid for a generic sum, where n and f are arbitrary.

de[A_ + B_] := de[A] + de[B]
de@Sum[f[i], {i, n}]

Is this possible?

Simplified example:

de[f_[i_], k_] := If[k <= i, f[i], 0]
de[A_ + B_, k_] := de[A, k] + de[B, k]
Simplify[de[Sum[f[i], {i, 1, n}], k], {n \[Element] Integers, k < n}]

should output Sum[f[i],{i,k,n}]


TagSetDelayed is probably the best way to go here:

de[A_ + B_] := de[A] + de[B];
de /: de[Sum[q_, α_]] := Sum[de[q], α];

de@Sum[f[i], {i, n}]
(* Sum[de[f[i]], {i, n}] *)
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    $\begingroup$ Nice! Also, for the example one can use Unprotect[Sum] Sum[de[f[i], k_], {i, 1, [Alpha]_}] := Sum[de[f[i], k], {i, k, [Alpha]}] Though be careful when unprotecting stuff in general not to get some random bugs $\endgroup$ – Pedro Portugal Aug 22 at 17:10

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