I've learned to save notebooks on Wolfram Cloud with what looks like a permanent link using CloudDeploy[SelectedNotebook[], "user:myusername/path/to/file"] the output of this operation is "https://www.wolframcloud.com/obj/myusername/myusername/path/to/file". What I'd like to now do with this is to translate this link to something that triggers Wolfram Player on mobile devices.

By inspecting the iOS app bundle I've learned that it associates 4 URL schemes: wolfram+cloudobject, wolframdesktop+cloudobject, wolfram+helpreference and wolframplayer, that trigger the app to open. However, I've been unable to get any more than that (app opens, but does not open the notebook).

I've tried various combinations, like: wolframplayer:///user:myusername/path/to/file wolframplayer:///obj/myusername/path/to/file, etc. but none of those seem to work.

Also, I'm logged in to my account in Wolfram Player.

[Edit]: I've tried to extract the link from the web version that invokes Wolfram Desktop and the link was in format wolfram+cloudobject:www.wolframcloud.com/env/myusername/path/to/file but this and neither wolframplayer:www.wolframcloud.com/env/myusername/path/to/file did not work on mobile.


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