Abraham Gadalla tried (but failed) to post the following question. Why does the red point not continue to follow the square (and the curve) for the full range $0\le x\le 2\pi$?

  With[{q = Quotient[x, Pi/2], m = Mod[x, Pi/2]},
  {EdgeForm[Black], LightGray, Rotate[{Rectangle[{q, 0}], 
  {Red, PointSize[0.03], Point[{q, q}]}}, -m, {q + 1, 0}],
  {Thick, Red, Circle[{1, 0}, 1, {Pi, Pi/2}], 
   Circle[{2, 0}, Sqrt[2], {3 Pi/4, Pi/4}],Circle[{3, 0}, 1, {Pi/2, 0}]}   
], {x, 0, 2 Pi}]

What simple modification is required to get this to work?


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Point[{q,q}] has to be changed:

With[{q = Quotient[x, Pi/2], m = Mod[x, Pi/2]},
Graphics[{EdgeForm[Black], LightGray, 
Rotate[ {Rectangle[{q, 0}], {Red, PointSize[0.03],Point[{{0, 0}, {1, 1}, {3, 1}, {4, 0}}[[q + 1]]](* ,Point[{q,q}]*) } }, -m, {q + 1, 0}],
{Thick, Red,Circle[{1, 0}, 1, {Pi, Pi/2}], Circle[{2, 0}, Sqrt[2], {3 Pi/4, Pi/4}],Circle[{3, 0}, 1, {Pi/2, 0}]}},PlotRange -> {{-.10, 5}, {-.1 , 2}}]], {x, 0, 2 Pi .999}]

enter image description here

In the plot I added a last phase to show a complete rotation.


Vielen Dank Herr Neumann (Thank you Mr. Neumann ) I wonder, if it is possible to draw the path while the point is moving, Or writing a function of theta similar to the cycloid parametric equations: x = r (theta - sin (theta)) and y = r (1 - cos (theta).
My main goal is to generalize the problem to write the parametric equations for the cyclogon. The following part of a program shows the multiple of four polygons after moving them above the x-axis and to the right of the y-axis. Please see below. The next step is to find a function to draw a path while a point on its vertex is rotating. I appreciate your help Draw the Cyclogon

 trM4 = Graphics[{{EdgeForm[{Thick, Red}], FaceForm[LightGray], 
     RegularPolygon[n]}, {PointSize[0.025], Blue, 
     Point[{Cos[\[Pi]/( n)] - Sin[\[Pi]/( n)], 0}]}, 
       Style[TraditionalForm[{Cos[\[Pi]/( n)] - Sin[\[Pi]/( n)], 0}], 
        16, Black], {Cos[\[Pi]/( n)] - 
        Sin[\[Pi]/( n)], -0.2}]], {Translate[{EdgeForm[{Thick, Red}], 
       FaceForm[{Yellow, Opacity[0.5]}], 
       RegularPolygon[n], {PointSize[0.03], Red, Point[{0, 0}]}}, { 
       Cos[\[Pi]/n], Cos[\[Pi]/n]}]}}, Axes -> True, ImageSize -> 400];
   Control[{{n, 4, "Number of sides"}, 4, 21, 1, 
     Appearance -> "Labeled"}], Spacer[45], 
   Control[{{hint, False, "hint"}, {False, True}}]}], 
 TrackedSymbols :> {n, hint}]

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