I cannot open a SQLConnection to a SQL vectorwise database and I assume the JDBC driver is the problem. A JAR file was provided to me - the only info additionally provided to me was the java class: com.ingres.jdbc.IngresDriver

What would I have to do to add it to the JDBCDrivers that Mathematica can use?

Hope this is sufficient information - please let me know, if more information is required.

Thanks and regards Patrick


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Finally found the answer on how to connect MM to Actian vectorwise via SQL :)



Feeling good! Pat


In the case where you want to use an updated driver in preference to an older one shipped with Mathematica, AddToClassPath[ ...path..., Prepend -> True].

For instance to use xerial's up-to-date SQLite driver:

Needs["JLink`"]; Needs["DatabaseLink`"]; 
jdbcdriver = FindFile["my-path-to/sqlite-jdbc-"]
AddToClassPath[jdbcdriver, Prepend -> True];

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