I would like to create a time list for one day with range from 0:00 to 23:50 and transpose this list with a constant number 239 and then transpose these two lists. I tried to make it but it doesn't work:


Can you help me? Thanks!


There are two issues with the code in the question: The first, as the error message tells us, is a problem with the syntax for TimeObject: It should be TimeObject[{h,m,s}], not TimeObject[h,m,s] (note the additional list around the arguments). The second issue is that TimeObject[…] is not a valid increment, for the same reason as you can't add two TimeObjects:

TimeObject[{00, 00, 00}] + TimeObject[{00, 10, 00}]
(* TimeObject[{0, 0, 0.}] + TimeObject[{0, 10, 0.}] *)

(It simply does not really make sense to say "add the time 13:00 to the time 11:00")

What we can do is add a quantity, e.g. Quantity[10, "min"]:

timeList = Range[TimeObject[{00, 00, 00}], TimeObject[{23, 50, 00}], Quantity[10, "min"]];
constantList = ConstantArray[239, Length[timeList]];
res = Transpose[{timeList, constantList}]
(* long output… *)

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