I was doing research about Mars using data from MAVEN spacecraft. The data used could be downloaded from https://lasp.colorado.edu/maven/sdc/public/data/sci/swe/l2/2017/06/.

When run

Import["C:\\...my PC dir...\\mvn_swe_l2_svy3d_20170601_v04_r07.cdf","Elements"]

The Mathematica returns

{"Annotations", "Data", "DataEncoding", "DataFormat", "Datasets", "Metadata"}

It seems fine. However, when I try to get more infomation such as "Annotations" or "Data" by

Import["C:\\...my PC dir...\\mvn_swe_l2_svy3d_20170601_v04_r07.cdf", "Annotations"]


Import["C:\\...my PC dir...\\mvn_swe_l2_svy3d_20170601_v04_r07.cdf", "Data"]

Mathematica returns $Failed and tell me it can't import data as NASACDF. This happened not only for SWE data. It seems that I can't Import any CDF files of MAVEN spacecraft. For example, when try to Import Annotations of SEP data from https://pds-ppi.igpp.ucla.edu/search/view/?f=yes&id=pds://PPI/maven.sep.calibrated/data/spec , Mathematica returns

can't use closed link LinkObject["C:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\Mathematica\12.0\SystemFiles\Converters\Binaries\Windows-x86-64\CDF.exe",1028,10] 

and returns EvaluatePacket[Null][[All, 2]] when Import Data .

I was using Mathematica version 12.0 on windows 10. Help! Is there any workaround for me to read the data?

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    $\begingroup$ Both Import["~/Downloads/mvn_swe_l2_svy3d_20170601_v04_r07.cdf", "Annotations"] and dat = Import["~/Downloads/mvn_swe_l2_svy3d_20170601_v04_r07.cdf", "Data"]; work for me on M12.0 macOS $\endgroup$ – ktm Aug 7 '19 at 3:48
  • $\begingroup$ That's weird. Does it depend on OS? @user6014 $\endgroup$ – Harry Aug 21 '19 at 7:39

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