I have the following code for labeling certain points at different latitude-longitude locations across the US stored in USLatLong.

GeoGraphics[{Red, PointSize[.01], Point@GeoPosition@USLatLong}]

Now I want to give each specific point on the map a label. These labels will be stored in some list, let's call it "labels". I am not sure how to do this since there isn't too much information on labeling points on GeoGraphics.



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Here's one way to plot labeled points using GeoListPlot:

stockholm = GeoPosition[Entity["City", {"Stockholm", "Stockholm", "Sweden"}]["Coordinates"]];
gothenburg = GeoPosition[Entity["City", {"Goteborg", "VastraGotaland", "Sweden"}]["Coordinates"]];
malmo = GeoPosition[Entity["City", {"Malmo", "Skane", "Sweden"}]["Coordinates"]];

coords = {stockholm, gothenburg, malmo};
labels = {"Stockholm", "Gothenburg", "Malmö"};
labeledCoords = MapThread[Labeled, {coords, labels}];


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