Following the example of this very detailed thread 190177 and others related to the subject, that introduced me to snooping around in the developer's tools, I tried to apply to my case, which is retrieving name information from a phonebook lookup service in Greek, e.g https://www.11888.gr/phone_catalog/?phone=2103232913. I can see that the page is dynamically generated via a script. I can even parse the url snatched from the developer's tools, this one and Mathematica recognises that there's a request and outputs

<|"Scheme" -> "https", "User" -> None, 
 "Domain" -> "avalanche.11888.gr", "Port" -> None, 
 "Path" -> {"", "i"}, 
 "Query" -> {"category" -> "Anypage", "action" -> "Page.Loaded", 
   "eventType" -> "page_view", "userId" -> "", 
   "pageUrl" -> 
   "jsPageReferrer" -> "https://www.11888.gr/", "appId" -> "11888", 
   "platform" -> "web", "test" -> "false", 
   "eventCreatedAt" -> "1562922283426", 
   "AVALANCHE_UID" -> "6935370e08cffda11e438e88d53e0180fdadbc82d9410ad3e8329a065c31460a:\
EhfPRh7hYzmhK4wqUyVehWYs_tA", "_" -> "1562922281049"}, 
 "Fragment" -> None|>

However the rest of the code from the above related page doesn't work. I can't import JSON data either via Python or via Mathematica and I get a 500: Internal Server Error.

FetchURL::httperr: The request to URL https://avalanche.11888.gr/i?category=Anypage&action=\[Ellipsis] 5c31460a%3AEhfPRh7hYzmhK4wqUyVehWYs_tA&_=1562922281049 was not successful. The server returned the HTTP status code 500 ("Internal Server Error").

So, what is different about this page than the NBA one in the aforementioned post? How can I get the data from it? Is it not a JSON case at all?

I should mention I'm using v11.3 on a Raspberry Pi 3.


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