Say I want to convert some number $N$ to base $k$. Here, I might use the command BaseForm[N,`k], e.g., BaseForm[10,`2] which gives the output $1010_2$ (where 2 is subscript). How can I drop the subscript and manipulate the number as if it is a normal integer in decimal form? I'd ideally like to do this without any string processing.


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Don't use BaseForm[number,base]

Use IntegerDigits[number,base] :

IntegerDigits[10, 2]

(* --->  {1, 0, 1, 0} *)

It returns a List of Integers, which is a very good thing for further processing

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You could do something like this:

toBaseString[n_?NumericQ, b_Integer?Positive] :=
  First @ StringSplit @ ToString @ BaseForm[n, b]

toBaseString[365.7, 5]

I missed that you didn't want strings. Perhaps you want this?:

toBasePlain[n_?NumericQ, b_Integer] /; 11 > b > 0 :=
  N @ FromDigits @ RealDigits[n, b]

toBasePlain[365.7, 5] // InputForm
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