Suppose I have the following list,

t = {{"e:r", "a", "p", "z"}, {"r:e", "a", "l", "o", "t", "y", 
    "z"}, {"j", "o", "z"}};

I want to go through it and pick the elements that have "e:r" or "r:e" they are the same in fact I just put it this way so the final code would be applied to any orderless system. To do this I made the following:

mod = {{"e:r"}};
tmp = Table[SubsetQ[mod, t[[i]]], {i, Length[t]}];
make = Pick[t, tmp];

But this does not work, am I doing something wrong here?

UPDATE: I can use

Select[ContainsAny@{"e:r", "r:e"}]@t

But how can I just use "r:e" or "e:r" and the program would understand they are the same?

cc = Total[ToCharacterCode["e:r"]];
Pick[t, 1 - Unitize[Total[ToCharacterCode[t[[All, 1]]], {2}] - cc], 1]

{{"e:r", "a", "p", "z"}, {"r:e", "a", "l", "o", "t", "y", "z"}}

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