Consider I have this code :


What is the simplest way to save the array f defined on those three numbers in a file ? (in my case, I will have a lot of values, not juste three but the indices of my array will be regularly spaced).

How can I tell in a simple way to mathematica I want to save the full array f ? Am I forced to somehow loop on the indices ?


Both Save[filename,f] and DumpSave[filename,f] will do. You can read the definitions back with Get[filename].

  • $\begingroup$ the __f is to specify I am talking about the full array f and not the variable f ? $\endgroup$ – StarBucK Jun 23 at 17:25
  • 2
    $\begingroup$ It only looks like there are underscores because I've made hyperlinks. Just Save[filename,f]. By the way, f is not an array. $\endgroup$ – Roman Jun 23 at 17:26

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