I want to have a plot of $x^{\alpha}$, where $\alpha$ is an input, and a plot legend which displays something like $\alpha = \# \text{ rad}$ on the following plot, where # is determined by the input. I tried to do this in the following way:

Plot1[\[Alpha]_] := 
 Plot[{x^\[Alpha]}, {x, 2, 3}, PlotRange -> All, ImageSize -> Large, 
  FrameLabel -> {"x" , "y"}, Frame -> True, 
  FrameStyle -> Directive[Black, 25], 
  PlotStyle -> {{Thick, Blue}}, 
  PlotLegends -> 
   Placed[{Style["\[Alpha] = " \[Alpha] " rad", 20]}, {0.7, 0.3}], 
  GridLines -> Automatic]

However, instead of the desired result for, say, $\alpha = 2$ (Plot1[2]) the legend reads "2 $\alpha$ = rad". How to force it to display correctly?


Use a Row to build the display equation, rather than having

Style["\[Alpha] = " \[Alpha] " rad", 20]


Style[Row[{"\[Alpha] = ", \[Alpha] , " rad"}], 20]

In the first example you have a Style[Times[...]], where you are multiplying the value and the string.


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