I have recently been saving my files to Wolfram Cloud for convenience as I am using different computers for work.

I would like to routinely back up the files to my local desktop.

If I were to do this I would need to click each file in the cloud one by one and manually click download.

Is there a way I can write a notebook to do this automatically as I have 100+ files and I would like to do this job quite regularly?


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You can use CloudObjects and CloudDirectory to find your files:

objects = CloudObjects @ CloudDirectory[]
{CloudObject["https://www.wolframcloud.com/obj/carlw/Base"], CloudObject[
"https://www.wolframcloud.com/obj/carlw/Copied Files"], CloudObject[
"https://www.wolframcloud.com/obj/carlw/Marathon"], CloudObject[
"https://www.wolframcloud.com/obj/carlw/Resources"], CloudObject[
"https://www.wolframcloud.com/obj/carlw/marathon"], CloudObject[

Here is the first cloud object in the "Copied Files" directory:

obj = First @ CloudObjects[objects[[2]]]
CloudObject["https://www.wolframcloud.com/obj/carlw/Copied Files/01-starting-out-elementary-arithmetic-exercises.nb"]

Once you find the right directory, you can copy them with CopyFile:

CopyFile[obj, FileNameTake @ Information[obj]["Path"]]
  • $\begingroup$ This looks like it will work. Thanks ! $\endgroup$ Commented Jun 10, 2019 at 3:04

This is the code I ended up using. It also looks into directories 1 level and copies those files too.

localBackupPath = "C:\\Users\\";
objects = CloudObjects@CloudDirectory[];
type = Information[#, "FileType"] & /@ objects;
allObjects = 
    If[#2 === Directory, CloudObjects[#1], #1] &, {objects, type}]];

     Information[#, "DisplayName"]}]] & /@ allObjects

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