I am new to Dataset. I'm trying to join many datasets, naively trying to use Join, but I think I'm not using it correctly, or perhaps that's not the right approach.


listdatasets = {dataset1, dataset2, dataset3, ... , datasetN}

If I do:

Join[listdatasets] that gives again a list of N datasets again (no difference from listdatasets list).

Manually, I can do:

Join[listdatasets[[1]], listdatasets[[2]], ... , listdatasets[[N]]], but of course this is not ideal. Creating a Table inside join does not work (for instance Join[Table[listdatasets[[a]], {1,Length[listdatasets]}])

All datasets have the same headers, so no need to do anything else but join them. I cannot find this seemingly trivial answer, so I'd appreciate your help :).




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Join @@ {dataset1,dataset2, dataset3}

See Apply (@@) in the docs.


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