I run the following commands in Mathematica.


It opens up a dialog box with link to BingSearch. The link takes me to my azure portal (https://portal.azure.com/#home).

I click All services then select Marketplace and in its search bar I search for "Bing" and get the list containing the following:

  • Bing Maps API for Enterprise
  • Bing Custom Search
  • Bing Spell Check v7
  • Bing Search v7
  • Bing Entity Search
  • Bing Autosuggest v7
  • ...

I choose Bing Search v7 and click create and follow the wizard to deploy the API.

I click my deployed API and it says Congratulations! Your keys are ready..

I have Azure subscription with Subscription ID in the following format:


If I go to manage keys section of my API, I see the following information:

  • NAME: "BingSearchAPI" <-- This is the name I gave when deploying the API

Now going back to the ServiceConnect dialog box, it asks for my Subscription Key what should i put here? My Azure Subscription ID or API KEY 1 or API KEY 2.

Next on sending a query like:


I get another dialog box which says:

You are attempting to read from the domain:


The server is requesting authentication.

(These values are kept for this session only.)

Username: [...]

Password: [...]

What username or password it is requesting here?

Also did I choose the wrong API. Should I have chosen Bing Custom Search instead?


Ok now I can confirm that the API is indeed Bing Search v7 and not Bing Custom Search. I went into the directory "..\SystemFiles\Components\BingSearch\Kernel" and looked at the file "BingSearch.m" and found the following function

bingsearchdata["RawSearch"] :=
    "URL"                -> (ToString@StringForm["https://api.cognitive.microsoft.com/bing/v5.0/`1`", #]&),
    "HTTPSMethod"        -> "GET",
    "Parameters"        -> {"count", "offset", "q", "responseFilter", "safeSearch"},
    "PathParameters"    -> {"SearchTypePath"},
    "RequiredParameters"-> {"SearchTypePath"},
    "ResultsFunction"    -> BSFormatResults

We can see that the end-point URL it is using is "https://api.cognitive.microsoft.com/bing/v5.0/`1`".

On the azure portal I can see that the endpoint for

  • Bing Search is https://api.cognitive.microsoft.com/bing/v7.0
  • Bing Custom Search is https://api.cognitive.microsoft.com/bingcustomsearch/v7.0

So it is indeed using Bing Search as opposed to Bing Custom Search but the version number is incorrect 7.0 vs 5.0. I have fixed that in the code. And now the "BingSearch" in ServiceConnect works!

See: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/cognitive-services/bing-web-search/bing-web-upgrade-guide-v5-to-v7

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