I wish to export a matrix of real numbers out to a txt file in which the entries have the MatLab form:


Code Export["out.txt", ScientificForm[out,19,NumberFormat->(Row[{#1,"e",#3}]&)], "Table"]; doesn't do what I want. How can I remedy this?


Thanks to andre314 for providing the link and avni for the code in this post, the solution is:

Eform[x_?NumericQ,d_:18]:=Module[{m,e,mm,ee}, {m,e}=MantissaExponent[x+0.0];m=m*10; 
If[m!=0,e=e-1,m=0.]; e=Clip[e,{-99,99}]; mm=ToString[PaddedForm[m,{d+1,d}]]; 
ee=If[-10<e<10,"0",""]<>ToString[Abs@e]; StringJoin[mm,If[e<0,"e-","e+"],ee]];


(I thought there would be an easier, i.e. already built-in function for this, that's why I asked.)

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    $\begingroup$ Carl Woll’s answer is much simpler and probably faster. I’d give that one a try too. $\endgroup$ – b3m2a1 Jun 11 '19 at 7:08

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