I'm doing some experiments on my LinkedIn Page. Each week I post a image on LinkedIn. Then I follow the number of views during the day's after. Each time a change something. For example, the time of the post. Or, the kind of content (humor, nice, neutral). I want to know the impact of each change on the number of views and likes/reshares after the post. For your information, the next graph is based on 4 post in the last month.enter image description here

It's a little bit boring to go each hour to my Linkedin Page to write down the number of views. I have some experience with webscraping. So I tried:


The server returned the HTTP status code 999

I Also tried: linkedin = ServiceConnect["LinkedIn", "New"]

This works, LinkedIn generate a number. But after it, each request failed.

What I want:

  • each hour select the number of views/likes and reshare (of my own post)
  • each hour select the Business Owner viewed your post
  • Append the resulat in a a file, including a timestamp
  • export the file each day

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