I need to import .ibw (Igor files.) into Mathematica. For this I used 1) to go in R via Rlink (OS windows), 2) to load the package IgorR 3) to install it and then to use it. Here is a script which use to work very well. Then it suddenly stop working returning the following error : Failed to retrieve the value for variable or piece of code library(IgorR) ! The IgorR package was not found ! Any ideas ?

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    $\begingroup$ You are using the default R that comes with RLink, which is old, and also does not generally support well the installation of new packages (even though it usually works on Windows). I would suggest to try using your own R installation, which is generally more useful than the bundled R version, and gives you more freedom. You would need to install R separately, and use something like this: InstallR["RHomeLocation" -> "C:\\Program Files\\R\\R-3.4.0", "RVersion" -> "3.4"]. $\endgroup$ – Leonid Shifrin May 21 '19 at 10:21
  • $\begingroup$ Thank you very much ! It works very well. $\endgroup$ – Lacour May 21 '19 at 11:19
  • $\begingroup$ Happy to help. I will try to set out some time to update the bundled R distros for RLink (although, admittedly, bundled R is of pretty limited utility, compared to a standalone R). $\endgroup$ – Leonid Shifrin May 21 '19 at 11:36

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