Can we make a labelled parametric plot in which the parameters are integers?

I'm just using Wolfram Alpha but could equally use Mathematica Online, and want something like here.

I want to plot values of $ x\cdot \exp{(2\pi i\log_{-1/3}x)}$ in the complex plane for integers $x$.

This is only possible in Desmos by sending the complex and real parts to the x and y axes manually. However, I want to replace the base $2/3$ log with a base $-1/3$ logarithm, and that will either require putting a complex number into the formula or taking a base negative log, neither of which Desmos allows.

I can make a similar parametric plot in Wolfram like this but not with labels, and what I really need are the a) integer $u$ only, b) with the base $-1/3$ logarithm and c) labelled.


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Here's one approach to plot a connected list of labeled values of a complex-valued equation for integer values of x:

 Table[Labeled[x Exp[2 Pi I Log[-1/3, x]], x], {x, 1, 20}], 
 Joined -> True, PlotMarkers -> Automatic, PlotRangePadding -> Scaled[.2]]

enter image description here

A little prettier one with different base of Log:

 Table[Labeled[x Exp[2 Pi I Log[3, x]], x], {x, 1, 20}], 
 Joined -> True, PlotMarkers -> Automatic, PlotRangePadding -> Scaled[.1]]

enter image description here

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